Breaking out of the inner ghetto

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Oct 31, 2015 | 0 comments

It is seemingly difficult for a child who grew up in the ghetto, who has lived there all their life with pain, despair and failure on every side of her or him, to realize that she or he can have anything they want in their life, if they can make themselves qualify for it- and work smart, persistently and hopefully driven to earn it. Much more important is the first step of believing that they can actually accomplish success unprecedented; that this could actually be their destiny.

And why not..? Why wouldn’t they have a chance..?

It may be undoubtedly and unfortunately extremely hard for her or him to understand that even though their family or love ones may have failed miserably and have perished in the quest to fulfill their own dreams, she or he can truly succeed, especially when they believe in false prophesies regarding their own faith!

They must practice in imagining their own success- that this reality can be created once they start believing in it. This quest may demand going up that slippery mountain of hope! Yet and still it may be worth every ounce of effort that it will take.


Breaking out of the inner ghetto is the first step


The answer lays in teaching (“or at least sharing with”) a child, the success principles which core have not changed through time; only its applicable methods changes through the ages.

The child needs to learn how to master powerful thought principles of life that when applied will not just only bring about little positive changes, but grander transformations that can revolutionize her or his life in an epic way. The child needs to come to the enlightenment that in its heart their burns an eternal flame of life- which on the contrary to ignorant popular believe doesn’t just burn in the hearts of a fortunate chosen few, by the few! For that is ludicrous fairytale! The indescribable spiritual power that can change energies and with that change faith; burns in all our hearts, the child needs to learn how to be connected with these phenomenal celestial powers, Also known as Infinite Intelligence “GOD”.


Some say; you can take a child out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the child. The problem is that if the child believes this, this statement will remain a pitiful fact of truth throughout the remainder of its life..! We need to help children in the Ghetto’s in all corners of the world to believe that there is a way out of the false evidence appearing real. And this is by helping them to believe in their dreams of hope, happiness and a prosperous future- so that in return they can help themselves and others to come out of the inner as well as the outer ghetto.


It is said that the key to a person’s heart is what they believe. If you want other doors to open first in their heart and then in their life, help them to interrupt the current stories making up their believes, their paradigms. Exchange these with empowering uplifting and imagination triggering (true) EVENTS of happiness, health and success. The creation of the awareness of one’s own deep universe of creative imagination ought to be the first step in every child’s education, especially for children who need to be breaking out of an inner ghetto …

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