Captain where are we going

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Jan 31, 2016 | 0 comments

Your brain is an incredibly powerful device at your command and can even become far more powerful if you persistently train yourself to think of; “what if I could do this…”

Some people say optimists are the ones who come with and can deliver progressive methods and ideas and solutions for challenges and problems. Still there are just as many people in the world who can claim that a pessimistic perspective can at times safe you lots of disappointment and perhaps also cash. One thing that is for sure is that the two characteristics are completely on each other’s opposite- This means that a healthy balance could lay in the middle line. Now this does not mean; be a little bit optimistic and a little bit pessimistic, actually it means knowing when to appropriately apply optimism and when to apply pessimism.

It may sound weird, and I admit: “we have got our work cut out for us” when faced with this kind of philosophy. Yet it might not be that weird at all, think about driving a car- there are times that you must steer left and there are times that you must steer right at least in most cases when you are driving on roads. Both right and left are opposites of each other, but when driving and let’s say you are driving on your way home; you will need to steer your car safely and especially when it’s necessary for you to make turns. You cannot just do nothing and think; oh well, perhaps or maybe or I hope I will get home…

Captain where are going – Only you can decide, you are the captain

Now the interesting question would be; how come when we are driving, going either one or the other opposite directions when needed would seem as a given factor, but when we try to integrate this thinking when dealing with our daily matters and encounters (note: not problems, let’s not call it that please) we become staggered; as to what to do..? How to deal with it..? Or even not choosing to deal with it, which is also a decision. Consciously thinking about how we choose to respond to the daily matters and challenges will always benefit us more than just simply reacting to it, which is often governed by our old paradigms which can (they do not necessarily need to, but) be incompatible for dealing with new challenges, in all due respect.

There is definitely a balance and this balance requires calmness of our mind in order for us to choose a right direction to continue our progress in life- there are deadlines when you are doing business, but there is also a time to chill out, relax, get into the helicopter view and view the area of your endeavor with an empty mind, but also ask yourself the questions what if I could really fulfill this task, whenever a pessimistic thought crosses your mind- put it into the frame work of your dream; is it truly guiding you from making a mistake or is it just an old fear of the unknown, the fear for change. If it is the latter, steer the opposite direction towards optimism; there is a possibility to progress, yet you are going to need to put your heart and faith into this effort. The height of your success depends on your perspective and the thoughts you examine with a calm and neutral mindset.

Last but not least, don’t let your thoughts command your soul; this is like your car steering and wheels being stuck and just turning you to one specific direction. Your soul is you and you are in control and decide which thoughts you permit to operate with, to bring up solutions and progress.

Cynical perspective is just as important as hopeful/cheerful perspective; nevertheless it remains at your command to choose; which shall be more appropriate when the time calls for your action..,

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