Lift Up My Mind

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What is your biggest ambition? What would you LOVE to do every minute of your life, instead of what you may feel you are forced to experience on a daily bases?

If your life has been like an uncontrollable chaotic roller-coaster ride for the past couple of weeks, years or decades and you are barely capable of keeping your head above the surface, then worry no more… This book will offer you beautiful creative and inspirational ideas to greatly empower you in your quest to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Lift Up My Mind is a an audiobook with a beautiful collection of inspirational heart warming stories, that reveal exciting new creative ideas for your personal happiness and success.

We all can make a difference, we all can strive to fulfill our dreams and in this quest, show the way to others, we can share the passion of a dream come true with others who are seeking the meaning of their lives. In life, we have nothing to lose of greater value than the time we have living here on earth, we can start today, and we should start today.

Listen to the stories on this inspirational audiobook and let your greater potential be revealed to you and show you how you can utilize your talents and skills to create something that can contribute to your life experience and life improvement.

This inspirational audio-book will give you;

More than just hope and faith to continue to strive for a life worth living. It will reconnect you to the deeper roots of your creative skills and help you to make your life into the beautiful one that you want.

  • It will help you to better control your thoughts and master the flow of your emotions.
  • The stories will help you to rediscover the power of your own imagination and unravel your skills and talents.
  • They will also help you to realize that there is more to your life than you might have been able to perceive. Learn to see the world differently through your guided constructive emotions. Learn to dethrone those self-destructive beliefs that have been dormant in your subconscious mind.
  • Each series contains dynamic, inspirational stories on a wide range of topics and life encounters. After you have heard these inspiring stories, you will be motivated to change your life for the better.

lift up to joy Lift Up My Mind will give you the mindset that knows no defeat and no despair; only positive achievement.

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