recognize the beauty of your heartbeat

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Dec 19, 2015 | 0 comments

You can’t have a more pure sound than the sound of your own heartbeat; the beauty, the gracefulness and the mystic of the beat can outdo the splendour of even the most gorgeous sunset anywhere on earth any day, anytime. If the priceless value would only be comprehended by the masses and its true essence understood, many people would give anything in this world to cherish the beauty of their own heartbeat that beats with the rhythm of a drum.

The sad part is; they could but most don’t. They could if they would only let go of all those worries that seem to block the crystal clear sounds coming from their own hearts. The perfect rhythm goes in Unisom with the perfect peace of mind.


However finding the perfect peace of mind that can help you resonate ideally with your perfect heartbeat might at times feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. For some, it represents a tedious endeavour with no end in sight and therefore not worth their effort, for others it’s the only way to invest their energy into the venture that provides their journey here on earth with more than sufficient vitality to fulfil each day’s task in their labour of love.


This quest is comparable to reading a captivating story in a fascinating book on a harmonious sunny afternoon on a vacation of peace and liberation. Everybody has a distinctive, or exceptional memory of remembering a certain event or events in their life which compares to the perfect heartbeat.


Can you recognize the beauty of your own heartbeat in a world where the power of our heart seems to lose meaning and value..?


Where does the perfect heartbeat take you to? Where would you love it to take you?

To a place where the ocean touches the sky? Or to a place where the moon floats near the sun?

What wonderful feeling can you imagine that you have longed for so extensively? Whichever or whatever this or that may be; don’t forget to remember that it is here for you.


Yes indeed… Life is all about finding your passion and to follow your dreams. Despite life’s pressures, just let your heart’s desire always be guided by your enthusiasm as well as your deepest motivation. Certainly there will be times that you must guide your enthusiasm, you definitely don’t want people to misuse you when you are in a state of positive construction, yet don’t occupy your mind with drama; it is best to leave negativity where it gravitates at its finest, which is at the bottom of the pit of life- not a place you need to be. Let the cynics and the critics who despise the beautiful heartbeat for all its magnificence walk to the moon, while you walk towards the next episodes of your life where all your dreams are set free, and your beautiful achievements will be numerous.

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