The emotion of love

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Oct 25, 2015 | 0 comments

The only thing for human beings that could either be in our way of success or launch us toward our success with a quantum leap are our emotions. Our emotions are our entire world.


When a little plant wants to grow and there is a stone or rock or any other object hindering its path of growth, it will not stop! It will not doubt its course or destiny, it will not contemplate going back from where it came! It will go through if possible, it will go around if it has to, and it will go above if it must.
Now for us human beings it could be different and moving forward gracefully in life may not be all that common. This is because of the power of our own emotions. Some of us have been hurt, some of us have experienced hell fire and brim stone of life experiences here on earth. And Some of us maybe never learned how to come in contact with our own heart, to be able to listen to what dreams are calling us to rise up to our feet and reach for the skies. In all of this, emotions play the biggest role! Emotions of pain, emotions of doubt, emotions of fear, emotions of keeping to the comfort zone rather than exploring new realms of life here on earth.


Can you turn those emotions around which are mentioned above? Can you turn them around for you so that your life journey can gracefully progress forward? That’s not a question! that is a quest laid before you and only you can decide if you wish to embark on the quest, and choose which emotions are going to come with you for the remainder of this journey here on planet earth.


The emotion of love for life itself, the emotion of faith, the emotion of ambition and inquisitiveness to know one self and be connected to the soul of the world. Do you fancy embracing these emotions? Emotions that will make your dream a reality regardless of the obstacles, difficulties, challenges you may encounter in life.


There is one emotion that opens the door to all the best emotions, which can help our holistic growth in life. This emotion is connected to everything in this universe. An emotion that gives you and everyone you come in contact with the best possible benefits of any and every encounter. Do you know what this emotion is? I’m sure you do and I don’t need to tell you- (“however I will just in case”) this is the Emotion of LOVE. Nothing is more powerful, more loving and caring, more appreciating and more perseverance in going after our dreams, simultaneously capable of letting go of hurt and pain in order not to carry them into the tomorrows; than the emotion of LOVE.


The emotion of love, the one emotion that masters all


Carry the emotion of love in your heart and your soul will realize the power of its immortality.

A power so great that in this journey of a human being here on earth, all the focus can be placed on the beautiful that could be accomplished, rather than despairing for agony that was never meant to be.


Let your soul speak these words to your conscious mind every day; Love I shall give to all and Love I shall receive from all and come what may, for in the end my dream shall still be flourishing and so will I. (So will you…)

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