Will Your Past Equal Your Future?

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Jan 15, 2020 | 0 comments

“Will Your Past Equal Your Future..?” (Nevertheless it shall depend on your deepest inner will..,)

If the answer is: the misfortunes of the past shall not continue…

Are you prepared to rewire the neural connections of your brain..?

If the answer is no…

Be prepared to move in a life which path shall be figure eight, for those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!

In which realm of reality do we arrive when we comprehend that there is far more that needs to be understood- and then we speak not of matter but of spirit! Having brilliant ideas will lead half the way. The other half must come from a deeper desire to follow the cosmic principles needed to finish what one started, when desire pushes the heart into curiosity.

Yet as most have discovered, unfortunately life is not (always?) a cake walk for 99 percent of the world’s population.

Frozen and inhospitable are the paths when we do not find ourselves on the paths that lead to the desire which the heart longs for. Pain and agony is all that is felt when our heart lives daily with this absence. Bonded by reality from which the shackles cannot be released, yet this constriction of liberty and desire need not be final, for the mind needs to acceptance it first. Will the mind still accept this condition when into the mind penetrates the consciousness of what one truly is, since we are souls!

AKA – Beings of Light, beings from the great light of the cosmos. 99 percent of all of us on earth.

On different days one feels various impulses which may not always be enough to get us on the path of journeying beyond the common everyday shores. Millions and even billions of people on a daily bases walk this earth in search for the everlasting surge of inspiration that will help them to get the best from the day, rather than just merely getting through the day. The frustration is unmistakably dripping of the faces of the masses as they seem to be encountering wall after wall of agony and misfortune. Many others experience a rollercoaster ride taking them on “the disgusting figure eight rides” in their life. And the sad thing is, through the ages, since the beginning of mankind this is a scene that has repeated itself endlessly. Making the skeptics right when they say: the more things change, the more they remain the same.

The answers in life are quite often not presented in plain sight in providing the solutions that many seek, mainly because mankind’s conditioning places hindrances as well as traps in plain sight rather than pathways of elevation, let alone liberation. This off course might be a shock to some or a confronting notification that might not be well received by others. Think of it whatever you wish as long as the realization becomes obvious that things are not always what they seem to be in appearance. Appearance is JUST appearance, never the full content or at least, the WHY behind the scenes.

Yet dear reader, what happened to the masses? How come they lost the ability to ascend into their full element, where clarity is the gateway that will bring forth motion to the soul that is exclusive of doubt and fear. Where and when did doubt and fear creep in to solidify its bases in the minds of the masses as evidence appearing real..? All the while FEAR has been False Evidence Appearing Real…

Fear leads people on stray paths where neither their light nor the power of their soul can evolve. Fear clogs our perception and can tarnish our memories which we (“once”) cherished the most. A path alien to our soul, yet and unfortunately where to many of us get caught up into.

The path of hurt

  • Disappointments lead to hurt
  • Hurt leads to agony
  • Agony leads to anger
  • Anger leads to retribution and revenge
  • Revenge and retribution leads to destruction
  • And destruction takes us away further from our cosmic evolution

What you become depends on what derives from your daily activities. We go the direction we face and therefore what our attention is fixated on will be the reality created by our own visualization. A sad thing in life is that imagination often is done away as foolish thinking, wishful thinking and desiring without logical processing! Yet imagination is the core essence of visualization and without imagination visualization has no foundations. The most prominent innovators in life were those women and men who took their imagination beyond the scope of a wish and mixed it with elements entrenched in the deepness of reality that is becoming.

To will it is being in the core zone of faith, that’s where you need to be at when you want your dream to win and become reality and not your nightmares. To will it.., that is what it starts with. To will it with all your heart holds the power of mind that is going to influence matter. Matter, even the matter that real as reality is built on, is inferior to the power of a focused and determined mind set and therefor is a servant to the greatest magnitude of intensity, when you deeply will it..,

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