Death does not end connections!

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A man called Thomas died of a heart attack at the age of 46 leaving his wife Tamara behind and their two children. Apart from that he was the founder of an incredibly successful company with yearly revenues reaching millions of dollars.

She grieved her husband’s death for one month and then one day she said to herself while she tried hard to get back control over her tears of loss; what would Thomas have wanted for us if he knew a day before he died, that we were going to be left without him? Would he have wanted us to remain sad or for us to keep on striving towards life’s magic? At the end of that afternoon she had a premonition that she felt strongly in her heart, an intuition that she must continue what her husband built. It contradicted her logical thinking, yet it was so powerful she knew Thomas must have been in contact with her in some way or the other, obviously through some kind of universal quantum entanglement.


Death does not end connections! We still have contact with the ones we love through the power of God


She had the will, but she could not see how she was going to accomplish this..!

She had no business skills, yet she possessed powerful insight skills.

She had no experience in the field which her husband operated the business, yet she knew that in her late husband’s company there were talented people who knew the business well.

So she created a plan that night, which she was going to approach the board members with that very next day; ‘an emergency meeting for the faith of the company’ as she announced the meeting.


As she sat at the head of the table, where Thomas used to sit and directed the team members of the company, she took a moment to look all the people intensely in their eyes to feel the energy that they had with her late husband. And then to the surprise of all she started a surprising roundtable questioning of epic proportion in depth and effect.

One by one she asked each person there the following questions:

  • What do you do here?
  • What is working in the things you are doing now?
  • What is not working in the things you are facing?


All the team members were simultaneously flabbergasted as well as pleasantly revitalized as they realized rapidly where she was heading with them and to a greater extent the company. They shared with her all their ideas and aspirations and she quietly and inventively listened as each one of them spoke to her with respect and admiration.


A year later the company had succeeded in achieving tenfold the revenue that her late husband was able to bring about. Greatly surpassing his achievements! But when Tamara on a sunny autumn afternoon went to the grave of Thomas to lay some white and red roses, this was not what she was thinking about. She thought about the decision she had made in her moment of grieve, a decision she felt came to her heart by the power of spiritual connection she still maintained with Thomas.

And that was;

  • Life goes on …
  • Our love ones will never ever be forgotten …
  • Tomorrow the sun will rise and God’s magic will be at our finger tips again..,

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