Law alone cannot make men see right

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Nov 2, 2015 | 0 comments

Today in this day and age a great deal of men and women- no matter on which hemisphere or corner of the world they may walk have indoctrinated within their own minds a bitterly self-righteous partisanship. I believe just like many other peace-seekers that this is a sad and unnecessary course on which several millions of our human species have embarked.

Life may not be fair and the hardships on the shoulders of the many men and women in this world unfortunately will remain with the sunrises of tomorrows, yet still we need NOT make life a more fearsome funeral parlor on earth for one another, as certain blood thirsty men and women already may have created in this world for the majority of mankind..!

Statements about world order made by the many influential people in this world are interpreted variously by the mass, yet even though a great amount of people living on this earth today actually do not believe that we all belong together as a human race, one fact can never ever be denied; if we all make peaceful existence impossible for one another- inevitably we are going to make extremely violent conflicts for one another a reality within the next era.

Law alone cannot make men see right, but love can

However those brave enough today and who live life with love from their hearts for all whom or what they may encounter, whenever, wherever are recognizing right as well as reality! They are acting not out of a sense of legal duty, but out of a sense of HUMAN DECENCY.

Please, join the many brave in this world who live with a heart filled of love, for all of their brothers and sisters of all colors and cultures, in all the places and corners of this planet called earth. Believing in peace is not naive, rather believing that peace is impossible is a fatal believe.

Inspired by the words of John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the USA.

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