Mind over experience

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Jul 13, 2020 | 0 comments

Mind over experience (…Through deeper holistic perception..,)

Events have the ability to influence our mood, changing the state of mind we wish to be in, into a state of awareness that in some cases might need to bring to the front a defense strategy and often other times, a preparation for alteration.

Yet this could come with the risk of losing a calm mindset and a peaceful mood, something that is needed for our mind’s continues evolvement. Repeated experiences of various events, should these be impactful on a person’s life, could affect and influence their progress. The weight of experiences can take a toll emotionally which sets the stage for a corresponding reaction. A reaction that has the potential to take form in limiting a person’s ability of holistic perception. Whichever way a person’s perception is shaped will create their equivalent life experiences.

It is at this junction that many of us might find ourselves in life right now, wondering what to make of the developing events and life shifting matters around us. As well as the anxiety brought with the thoughts of these events, in how they are shaping the course of our life?

If we stop doing the experiencing which we had yesterday and yesterdays, with the mindset we had and have shaped, what would happen? What would happen if we stop letting experiences of distress to keep passing through our subliminal mind into our conscious awareness experience…? would it change anything…?

There is a saying that goes: mind over matter. A powerful statement none the less regardless of what it may represent and in which context it fits. However, what about mind over experience, what potential would this statement give to you? Could this statement perhaps contain the most powerful words of empowerment in the galaxy? It could serve as a powerful remedy to a (holistic) perception that has become blocked. And isn’t perception an essential ingredient of personal power, a very potent ingredient we might say?

Some may say; these are all very nice and fancy thoughts in wanting to change your life experience, but we are all fixed (perhaps doomed) by nature’s law of survival of the fittest in mind and body, to live out a life that was set by the powers that be (both visible and invisible) and we cannot change our destiny!

I wonder however, what if this point of view perhaps lived by the masses each and every day was a lie caused by perception that has been limited, quite frankly spoken; perception of which intelligent observation has been emitted from, or in other words a dumbed down perception?

When is it lying to yourself and when does it become the opposite of lying to yourself?

Is it the moment you say enough is enough… dammit…! By all means necessary the events causing the miserable experiences end now! Enough is enough.

Are you then still lying to yourself about how you are willing to change your experiencing?

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come and there isn’t much doubt that can stand a chance in any one’s mind, when this idea which has arrived causes an holistic expansion of the persons perception that they come to comprehend what they are and what they are capable of doing and achieving. It is the moment when the deeper self speaks to your consciousness to inform you that there is nothing in this world, that is harder than seeing a part of yourself unfold in what you could have become, had you let go of limiting believes caused by fear, ideologies and convictions that never unleashed your fullest potential.

We do not need anyone’s approval to unleash our fullest potential. We must be in contact with our deeper self to expand our perception of what we are and what we are capable of becoming. 

Then we shall be on our way as the English poet William Ernest Henley once said, to become: The master of our fate, the captain of our soul..,

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