I AM… said both the Positive and Negative

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Sep 21, 2016 | 0 comments

One universal powerful force of energy said: I AM…

Another universal powerful force of energy also said: I AM…

And our soul said: I am with…

Millions of years ago two forces came into existence and both inhabited themselves into just one atom. One was called Negative and the other was called Positive. It was not a match made in heaven nor a match made it hell, it was just the creation of everything that would be. These two forces of energy kept each other eternally in balance, because as reality has it; one simply cannot exist without the other. And if we do attempt to split them, then we shall have an atomic explosion as a result of their separation! For all that history has blamed these two forces for, the sad truth is that had they not exist together in one atom, we and everything in the universe would not be here.

The only deadly problem is if the force called Negative gets to run the show, then things don’t tend to go to well in our human experience. At all costs we must prevent the force called Negative from calling all the shots. On the contrary we love the Positive force through eternity for the life it continues to pump into our heart. The difficult part is yet and still that the atoms of which we are made up of contains both forces within them. And so we carry both forces even in our hearts.

There is a way however to decide which force shall be dominant and of which force the power shall be taken away from. That is, the power it would have over you. Native American’s spoke about the two wolfs within all of us, and how one wolf was starved to death, while the other was consciously fed with healthy substances to the degree of effectiveness it could bring forth in our life. So it is as well with the two energies within us, one force must be consciously reduced to the point of inefficiency, let this be the Negative force. Because that force in dominance is out to destroy your life and everybody you come in contact with.

Then there is cosmic habit force. This is in its very essence the force of nature itself, which sole purpose is to bind everything in the state it rests. A state which people come into by drifting or a state chosen by their own purpose. No one can escape cosmic habit force and it is not something we deal with, it is something we should study and keep eternal vigilance over, because we are part of nature..,

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