A Little Message Of Hope

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Aug 13, 2015 | 0 comments

I nspiration is needed every day to reach beautiful things, just as bathing is highly necessary in order to feel refreshed …


A sudden moment of unpleasantness can stall your life progress, yet you know that where there is a will, there must certainly be a way…

When there is a setback in your life you shouldn’t draw back and blow out your last breath of hope. Very often life is not a straight line that gets you where you want to be… Life is a curved line that like the sea waves go up and down, but it is a road nonetheless which happens to have a diversity of branches.

To keep focused and to keep the strength you have when you initially start any endeavor requires infinite resiliency and a soul that only knows one method; which is to keep on keeping on when adversity seems endless.


You can if you strongly desire it, be a champion in any field your heart sets its vibrations toward. But you will need to make the following habits natural to your inner self in order to get there or to even begin your endeavoring journey of happiness.


  • Let go of every thought with every possible scenario that could go wrong!
  • Remove yourself spiritually from any environment that draws your energy down.
  • Gather every little bit of hope within you spiritually every moment of the day.
  • Focus your energies not on what you have been, but on what you seek, what you want to be capable of doing and of what you want to achieve.
  • Stop fighting anything in any way possible! Let go of competition, focus your heart and beautiful mind on creating, creating your beautiful life…


Every dream has a root and every root can grow if it harbors the natural ingredients necessary to proceed on forward. For a human being these ingredients can be many different things, but the one thing we all need is harmony. Harmony within oneself and with our environment, especially other people in our environment!


It takes the power from within your heart to muster the courage and will to reach that state where you can let go of all fears and embrace the love reaching out to you from infinite intelligence as well as people who spiritually vibrate on the same frequency as you do. A love that wishes for us to find our peace and prosperity of our choice, in which ever road we follow or branch we take to reach a certain destination in our life.


No one controls your fate..! Therefor there is no reason to give up hope in your dreams and in who you are.., A true born champion built for great success and achievement..,

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