Deep enough reasons

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Aug 18, 2015 | 0 comments

What we think of each other does not matter. Not even when we vocally relate it to one another. However, what we let come into our heart does matter.

If someone were to tell you that you do not have what it takes to achieve nice things in life, do not let this take root in your heart. Do not let such a vulgar statement of condemnation ruin your dreams! Remember that the only way to achieve (the for now) extraordinary results is to create deep, deep, deep enough reason(s) from within your heart.

When the fires of your reason(s) start to burn with unquenchable flames of true desire, then impossibilities will be a thing of the past, rightfully buried where it should be: with past convictions. Deep enough reasons are the fuel to empower your dreams

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