Reality beyond the box

Posted By Paul Odafe Akpomukai on Aug 22, 2015 | 0 comments

You only see what your mind is conditioned to see


How can we seriously rely on society’s cliche or stereotypical “sciences and statistics” that claim: “This is it, therefore don’t dream of good things that will never happen anyway”?

Imagine a person living in a grand universe full of possibilities and opportunities. Yet there is one major problem, the person was born, grew up and has lived his or her entire life thus far in a box! This box is in this beautiful universe, but still the person has never grasped hold of the life imagination beyond his or her confines. So here are two realities; reality one is the life in the box, which is actually no life journey at all. Reality two is life beyond the box and all the beauty it encompasses. It might be a smart life-strategy to not let your reality be limited by False Evidences Appearing Real …

Reality three, four, five, six etc… Are realities far beyond the scope of reality one and two, but they can only emerge from reality two, by the power of dedication to our imagination. Right now, I dare you to embrace the energies of enlightenment! Are you up to the task of rising beyond the ordinary..?

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